Students for Zero Waste

A series of promotional videos (and graphic design system) created for a sustainability conference in Philadelphia.

Students for Zero Waste

I was hired by PLAN, an environmental awareness group, to create a video package about their Students for Zero Waste conference held in University of Pennsylvania. The project included the creation of three videos: a 2 minute trailer, a shorter “call to action” video for social media, and a formal video presenting the keynote lecture that initiated the conference.

This project involved physically recording the conference with a Canon C100, designing/animating a visual system that fit the conference’s energetic brand, and then collaborating with the PLAN team to create videos that are tailor made for their advertising needs.

The branding was a joy to create because PLAN wanted to create an aesthetic that found a balance between professionalism and youthfulness. My approach to combine bold typography with a series of textures generated from the logo to recreate PLAN’s youthful, daring voice.

Finals Designs:



Footage, Animation, Editing By: David Molina Cavazos