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Hello! My name is David Molina Cavazos and I’m a video editor, filmmaker, and graphic designer based in Boston, Massachusetts. I graduated from Swarthmore College as a Film and Media Studies major and am currently working as an assistant editor in the broadcast world, working on everything from commercials to feature length films.

Intellectual curiosity is one of my driving motivations. It has driven me to shoot, direct, and edit nationally recognized short films. I have programmed video games, worked in live sports, changed blog platforms currently 6 times, and composed Soundcloud beats that should never see the light of day. While my interests are broad, I have a particular passion for video editing, documentary filmmaking, and great food (any recommendations welcome).

Contact Me!

Have an idea or a project? Reach out to me at: davidmolinacavazos@gmail.com

I’m also available here on social media:


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