Hip Hop Showcase

An award winning documentary focusing on three student artists and their exploration through music, race, and perception.

Hip Hop Showcase

Hip Hop Showcase is a film that follows three Swarthmore hip hop artists. Through their journeys, the audience is provided with a window into not just the lives of the individual students in the film but also the challenges that students of color more broadly experience at institutions like Swarthmore. The film shows how music has the capacity to build communities and to ease the soul of both creator and listener.


Winner of Philadelphia Latino Film Festival Youth Award 
Tri-Co Film Festival Official Selection
Blackstar Film Festival Youth Program 2


Featuring: Tiyé Pulley, Harsha Sen, Brandon Ekweonu
Directed/Shot/Edited By: David Molina Cavazos
Additional Camera/Sound: Evan Saruk, Ariana Hoshino, Elyse O’Bannon
Archivist: Tiyé Pulley
Animation: Elyse O’Bannon
Color: Kyungchan Min
Special Thanks: Elyse O’Bannon, Mi Familia, Rodney Evans, Swarthmore Film/Media Studies