The Daily Gazette

A graphic design system created for the (now defunct) student publication, The Daily Gazette.

The Daily Gazette

The Daily Gazette was Swarthmore College’s daily online newspaper. It was read by thousands and recognized by the Associated Collegiate Press as one of the top five online college news sites in 2007; it merged with The Phoenix (Swarthmore’s physical newspaper) in the fall of 2018 and stopped publishing.

My freshmen year I joined the video team and began the task of rebranding their YouTube and video presence. They had previously created a variety of content, but lacked a unified aesthetic that let viewers know they were watching something created by the DG. The video above is an example of this rebranding effort.

The rebranding effort included a new logo, various transitions, lower thirds, and a focus on bright white and blue color scheme.


Footage & Graphics by David Molina Cavazos