Du Noukay Paa

A hip hop music video about immigration and the feelings of loss that can come with it.

Du Noukay Paa
Harsha is standing in front of a forest, holding a speaker and looking at his phone.

[[Facebook Video is the worst, so please click on the image above or on this link to see the video.]]

This is a music video I edited for Harsha, a fellow Swarthmore student and musical artist. The song focuses on a feeling of loss that occurs during the migration process, a reaction to the fact that you don’t belong to the place that was once home.


Filming: Ariana Hoshino, Eric Benjamin, Upasana Agarwal
Picture Editing: David Molina Cavazos
Audio Recording and Mixing: Rounok Cizzy Chakraborty
Instrumental: The Audible Doctor, Tai Warner