Secret Unlocked!
Patch Notes


  • Created a custom homepage, added a "latest blog post" section in-between projects.

6.0 - Kratos

  • Named Kratos because this is seemingly the one project that cannot die, the project that nothing can kill.
  • Transitioned to Ghost from Wordpress.
  • Switched to a heavily edited version of Ghost's Solo theme.

Legacy Wordpress Notes


  • Migrated to a Child Theme
    • Turns out, making sure all of your theme/layout changes are in a child theme is pretty important. Especially when it comes time to update said theme. So, we’re offically on a child theme now and have updated to the latest version of Organizer.
  • Misc Visual and Spacing Improvements
    • Why was the menu bar so large before?!
    • Removed the “darker blue” mentioned in 5.10, might bring it back in 5.20 who knows.


  • Homepage Redesign
    • The goal of the redesign was to combine my blog and portfolio content into one panel, and allow people to watch my latest/favorite project immediately.
    • With that in mind, removed the full screen video on the home screen and replace it with a project embed.
    • All of the following “featured projects” cards are no longer WordPress queries, they are custom groups with the link set by me. Result is updates take longer, but it is so much easier to create custom behaviors I want for the homepage (linking people to the Film/Video and Mixed Media subpages VS the tag archives).
  • Categories and Tags Redesign
    • Removed many of the limitations and redirects I placed around tags and categories. There are now “archives” for either section of the website.


  • Complete Typography Overhaul
    • Changed all values for H1 to p HTML tags.
    • Removed all custom values in blocks to ensure all content contains the same text sizes.
    • Removed many custom/incorrect spacing and group spacing values, reverting them back to their much better default.
  • Redesigned Home and About Page
    • Addition of darker “blue” color to create visual sections within the website.


  • Re-organization of All Pages
    • Moved all content from the pages TEMPLATE into the actual PAGES themselves.
  • Re-organization of All Posts
    • Moved all content from groups in posts into the root post, then made sure the content is full-width/not full width in the proper page templates.
  • SEO plugin changes
    • Switched from Yoast, to Jetpack, to Rankmath plugin.
  • Addition of W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin

5.00 - Venti